The narrative in learning design

The narrative, conversational storytelling is a common component in creating engaging learning through all teaching and learning modalities #presentationskills, podcasts, video, game based learning, simulation, case based scenarios

The learning experience has more meaning and impact by including the narrative – the STORY

The story adds context, adds connection for the learner, adds emotional impact.

Definition of a story:
“A character-based narration of a character’s struggles to overcome obstacles and reach an important goal” (Kendall Haven, Story Proof).

What ever medium the story has structure: a beginning, middle and end. Structure helps build your narrative:

1. Commence with a strong opening.

Whether you are delivering a presentation, designing an online learning activity or creating a podcast/video game, you literally have 90 seconds or so to make your learner/audience  feel something powerful, the ‘hook’ to get their attention and keep them interested. (Don’t waste time listing the 27 objectives).

2. Interesting middle – the middle of your story may cover the obstacles, the alternatives, the path you followed and the insights along the way.

A good story is a mixture of logic, data, emotion and inspiration (Andrew Stanton)

3. Ending
Powerful finish – if your audience only remembers one thing …what will it be?


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