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eLearning & mobile learning presentation – NSW Prevocational Medical Education Forum – 2012

Online Design

Through my work in online learning design I have developed a set of design principles that underpin the way in which content should be presented to firstly attract the learners attention and keep them engaged through the learning experience.

Content: simplistic in form, but visually rich in representation of ideas. With the inclusion of authentic stories and relevant context online content can be dynamic, interactive and thought provoking.

Key considerations in developing online content:
Visual design
1. The look and feel: colour, fonts, consistency, alignment
2. The physical placement of elements on the screen in a way that doesn’t overload the mind. That allows the brain to easily process the information (cognitive load theory)
3. Media – intentional selection of images, video, audio, graphs that add richness to the learning experience.
Active learning design
1. What is the learner going to do with the content – what activities can be included to move the learner from a static/passive observer and consumer of information to active involvement and engagement.
2. Structure and sequencing of activities – the ‘flow’
3. The story – relevant to the learner, authentic conversational.



2. Conference presentations
How many conference presentations have you been to where you have either dozed off, or wished you had selected more wisely, especially when you see from the conference tweets, that there is a more dynamic presentation happening in the session next door.

I also realised that there is a growing unrest with the current state of presentation delivery. Blogging sites with a key focus on presentation skills are emerging to offer an alternative and to help educators with their presentation design and delivery skills.(see list below)

Its through these sites and personally witnessing awesome presenters that I have been able to collect ideas, integrate with my own thoughts,  and create a resource that represents these guiding principles and hopefully illustrates them at the same time.

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