Supporting Faculty

Medical Schools should aim to provide support for clinicians in the planning, examiner and resource developer roles and work with them to ensure that they are involved, but offer support to reduce the administrative burden of these areas.  This will then allow more time for the teaching/facilitator/mentor roles that are so important to student learning.

Currently I work with the academics, clinical teachers at our hospital, creating learning resources, student guides and electronic assessments to enhance and support the teaching program and the student learning experience.  My involvement in this area will continue to expand with the redesign of learning and assessment in our teaching facility.  More emphasis is being placed on effective eLearning programs, utilising flipped learning approaches along with mobile delivery of both learning resources and assessments.

My involvement in curriculum planning and participation in examinations will grow as we move forward with the implementation of digital assessments and digital program evaluations. My role in the development of electronic work place based assessments and other student examinations (long case examinations, MiniCEX) will have a positive impact for students, examiners and program administrators.  Improving efficiencies and reliability for our student assessment processes.

My commitment to support faculty in their professional development is important.  The faculty ‘teach the teacher’ programs I initiated over a decade ago have changed with access to technologies that more efficient delivery options.  Initially I introduced as a series of face to face workshops but are now delivered through a blended learning program.  eLearning modules support the practical workshops. My future involvement will focus on curating the teaching resources, accessing FOAMed and using social media to expand professional learning networks of our teaching staff.


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